Live Concert Event – July 21, 2018

Disco Freestyle Platinum Series

Join us for our 1st highly anticipated Disco Freestyle Platinum Series event in the State of Connecticut at the Palace Theater in Waterbury with the hottest Disco & Freestyle acts of the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s  Live On Stage. Don’t Miss Your Chance to SEE your Favorite Disco & Freestyle Artists from the Yesteryear’s.

Hosting this Spectacular Event is “Brooklyn’s Own” Joe Causi of CBS 101.1

Disco & Freestyle Tickets – On Sale NOW

Disco Freestyle Platinum Series - Music Performing Concert Artists

Come on Connecticut, Its time to Rock the House. This Concert Event is in Waterbury CT at the VERY Beautiful and Renovated Palace Theater. This theater hosts 2600 people and YOU aren’t going to be able to sit still. Bring YOUR Boggie Shoes & Join the Party! The Music artists are booked and the line up is Crazy Hot. Don’t wait till the Event is here. Grab the Best seats in the House TODAY!

Disco Performances

    • Carol Douglas
    • Disco Unlimited – The #1 Disco Band on The East Coast
    • Felipe Rose (Native American of The Village People Fame)
    • France Joli – The Queen of Disco
    • Harold Melvins Blue Notes

Freestyle Performers

    • Judy Torres – The Queen of Freestyle
    • George Lamond
    • Sergio
    • TKA
    • Tonasia

Freestyle & Disco Concerts & Theaters

So you Love Freestyle Music and listen to Disco Music. Then this is the Concert for YOU! All on (1) one stage performing live all of your favorite Music Artists. Don’t miss this Spectacular Event on July 21st. Get YOUR tickets TODAY.

Disco Freestyle Platinum Series - Music Performing Concert Artists

We at Haus Promotions are excited to bring this Disco & Freestyle Explosion to the great State of Connecticut. With the support of local community thru its members & local municipalities we want to extend our gratitude to State Officials, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, Military & Veterans for YOUR service. Please call (888)-4-PROMOTIONS / (888)-477-6668 for a Special Promo-Code. We thank you for YOUR past & present services.

The Most HIGHLY Anticipated Disco & Freestyle Concert of the Summer !!
Only at the Palace Theater in Waterbury, Connecticut – JULY 21ST

Disco & Freestyle Tickets – On Sale NOW



Disco Freestyle Platinum Series is a Series of Concert Performances Featuring Your Favorite Old School Disco & Freestyle Music Artists with Groups for the Production of Concerts & Live Shows at Various Night Clubs, Theaters & Park Festivals Nationwide with Meet and Greets available for their fans.

The Disco / Freestyle Platinum Series


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Disco & Freestyle Concert Tickets On-Sale for July 21, 2018

Disco & Freestyle Concert Event Tickets Disco & Freestyle Concert Event Tickets On-Sale at the Palace Theater in Waterbury, Connecticut. Event is on Saturday – July 21, 2018. Watch all of your favorite Disco & Freestyle Artists Live on Stage singing all of their Greatest Hits. Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighters & Veterans receive Discounted Tickets …